Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Have Some Coal For Your Ratty Stocking


It's early to be talking Christmas gifts. But I've got one for you anyway. Just don't expect some diamond earrings sparkling like vampire cock, or Isotoner gloves sullied by a thousand of Black Friday's dirtiest hands. Oh...and that big luxury car with the giant red bow wrapped around it like an eager lover? Not going to happen. I'm afraid, this year you'll be unwrapping lumps of coal.

Shiny, shiny coal.

My first erotic short story will be released for your electronic reading pleasure on December 16th. It's called STOCKING FULL OF COAL and it's part of the Ellora's Cave MERRY KINKMAS anthology. Here's a tease...

Justine is often described as accident prone, but there's nothing accidental about the violence to which she subjects her body. Doorframes, coffee tables, even the Christmas tree displays at Henri Bendel are means to her peculiar ends. She thinks she has it all figured out until she meets Nathan, the handsome manager of the department store, she's turned into a disaster area. He's gorgeous, funny and, in a surprising turn of events, actually interested in her. Will her unusual obsession cost her a chance at love with a "normal" guy?

Oh...and yeah...there's tons of hot sex up in this bitch. Gritty. Raunchy. Sex.

I wouldn't have it any other way.